The Twist is the Flavour

We Twist up to 16 cider apple varieties on our farm to create the perfect pint which has taken 12 months of craftsmanship to give you an unrivalled natural taste. Our Ciders are made without the use of concentrates and artificial sweeteners making them suitable for Vegans, Vegetarians & Gluten Free.

Our Flavour Syrup range then gives you the choice to Twist it Up by adding a flavour you enjoy at a strength you prefer to make the perfect drink.

Not only do we care about the quality of our cider and how it tastes we also care about the impact our production has on the environment and operate using controlled processes to ensure minimum wastage.

Whether you’re at home, pub, restaurant, festival or bar, once you’ve tried Twisted Cider you won’t settle for anything less.

pulped pressed pure

We can supply Twisted Cider to distributors, multiple pub operators, as well as farm shops, deli’s, pubs and restaurants across the United Kingdom.

Call 07841 841289 or email through your enquiry.