Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival 2021

Don’t miss Twisted Cider at the Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival (25-27th June)

Making top quality South West cider from locally sourced, hand-selected apples is always going to be top of the agenda at Twisted Cider, but another thing we absolutely love is showing off our products across the network of farmer’s
markets and food events in the South West and beyond.

The Twisted Cider team is always on the move when it comes to things like this, because we believe the best way to sell our quality Dorset cider is in person – you just cannot beat the personal experience! The Cheltenham Food & Drink
Festival has been a standout on our calendar for the past couple years, so we’re over the moon to be back on the 25th to the 27th of June…

The 12th annual Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival

The Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival has been running for a dozen years now, growing from humble beginnings to be one of the biggest celebrations of artisan food, wine, cider and beer in the South West. Each year a plethora of local food producers, chefs and drink manufacturers descend on the Montpellier Gardens location that hosts this wonderful festival.

From a purpose built beer and cider tent, all the way through to cookery demonstrations and cheese tasting master classes, there is quite literally something for everyone at The Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival.

Twisted Cider at Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival: A match made in heaven

Twisted Cider always get excited about the prospect of visiting The Cheltenham Food & Drinks Festival, mainly because it has proven itself time and time again as an absolutely wicked day out, and a perfect place to sell our premium South
West cider.

Each year we return to our Dorset HQ having introduced our Twisted Cider varieties to a huge number of new people, something we really cannot be grateful enough for. Furthermore, we get to establish lasting friendships with
other local South West food and drink producers – it’s a win win!

Don’t forget to try some of these flavoursome Twisted Cider varieties

There is so much going on at The Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival, but you simply have to make time to taste a few of our different Twisted Cider varieties. Indeed, it would be rude not too. Here are a couple of our favourite creations that
will go down a treat:
Twisted Cider Bottle MistyTwisted Cider Misty: If you really want to get into the classic cider spirit of the South West we cannot recommend Twisted Cider Misty enough. This classic farmhouse cider is packed with juicy Dorset apples that are pressed fresh and never from concentrate. You can tell with this one – the fruitiness is off the scale!





Twisted Cider Bottle Bubblegum Burst SparklingTwisted Cider Bubblegum Burst: As much as we like creating traditional South West ciders, we also have an eye for innovation at Twisted Cider. Twisted Cider Bubblegum Burst is a great example of this, blending the nostalgic flavour of hubba bubba bubblegum with our iconic Dorset cider.






What else can you do at Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival?

Our cider is certainly good enough to hold your attention for several hours, but there is plenty more to do at The Cheltenham Food & Drink Festival. The Montpelier Gardens site plays host to various things like food and drink tents, cookery classes, cheese and wine tasting, and even some theatrical productions! Due to lasting Covid-19 restrictions they are operating at a smaller capacity this year, which makes it even more essential to get your tickets ASAP. Follow the link, and we’ll see you there!

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