Dorchester Cider Festival on Saturday 21 st August

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Don’t miss Twisted Cider at the Dorchester Cider Festival on Saturday 21 st August
Seemingly against all odds, it has been a busy summer for Twisted Cider as we continue
creating our passionately made Dorset cider, whilst also heading out to various events
across the South West. Over the last few months, the Twisted Cider mobile bar has pulled
up at places like the Sherborne Independent Market, Mill Farm Party, Cheltenham Food &
Drink Festival, and Mid-Somerset Show. All, of course, to great success.

Let’s face it: there aren’t many better drinks to sip on during the Great British summertime
than cider, especially when it is made with no artificial sweeteners and never from
concentrate. This is at the foundation of everything we do at Twisted Cider, as well as
touring the South West and giving back to the local community. Next on the agenda, the
Dorchester Cider Festival on Saturday 21 st August. Keep reading for more!

Dorchester Cider Festival: A must for all Dorset cider enthusiasts
Are you a Dorset cider enthusiast? If so, there is no better place than the Dorchester Cider
Festival. Taking place in the idyllic Borough Gardens, this celebration of Dorset cider started
in 2015 and in the years since has grown to a 4,000-person event. But that’s not all either,
because the Dorchester Cider Festival has also raised over £30,000 for local causes in the
last 6 years.

Each year ourselves and roughly 15 other cider producers descend on Borough Gardens with
over 80 cider varieties in tow. These range from traditional South West scrumpies, all the
way through to innovative flavours such as Twisted Cider’s very own Bubblegum Burst.
There is also local food on offer, as well as live music on the Borough Gardens bandstand. All
in all, the Dorchester Cider Festival cannot be missed if you are a keen cider drinker, and
even if you aren’t, there is a wealth of exciting things to get your teeth stuck into.

What is Twisted Cider bringing to the Dorchester Cider Festival?
There is always a massive amount of excitement in the Twisted Cider camp when the annual
Dorchester Cider Festival rolls around. As you might expect we love cider, but the most
excitement comes from the anticipation of bringing our Twisted Cider varieties to the
people of Dorchester and the surrounding areas. Here are a few to try out:

Twisted Cider Wild Orchard: Part of the farmhouse range, Wild Orchard is a cider
that will transport you to the wild orchards of the South West. A sweet, very fruity,
and full-bodied amber cider – you just cannot beat it.

Twisted Cider Stormy Lemonade: The Dorchester Cider Festival is for traditional cider
drinkers just as much as experimental ones, which is why we are excited to bring our
new Stormy Lemonade down to Borough Gardens. A blend of our high-quality Dorset
cider and traditional lemonade, there aren’t many more refreshing drinks around.

Twisted Cider Sunset: One for the end of the day unwind, Sunset is a medium dry
farmhouse cider made from nothing but the finest Dorset apples.
More events to catch Twisted Cider at

You can catch Twisted Cider at a few more events this year. Here is a list:
 Pack Monday Fair (7 th October)
 Caryford Christmas Market (7 th December)
 Sherborne Festive Market (5 th December)

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