Glass v Plastic bottles

In my life I have slowly seen the shift from glass to plastic bottles. Mainly in the soft drinks section where it is reported 70% of the market uses PET plastic bottles and anything glass seems to come at a premium.

Though this is not the case for alcohol and I find myself wondering why????

Sure there is a small presence on the shelf but in comparison glass is king.  I’m perfectly happy to drink water from a PET bottle all day but when it comes to having a beverage with some strength move over!

So is the reason Psychological?

As children I like to assume most of us were told by our parent/s that anything glass is dangerous and can’t be handled. So does alcohol being in glass bottles make it more appealing to the adult market because of this? Is there some weird association?

From reading cheap generic buy cipro uk no prescription online PET has multiple benefits, one being it is unbreakable. Imagine droping your 500ml PET cider bottle whilst walking home from the shop and not flinching.

Another benefit to PET is you can reseal the lids! Which cider bottle allows that? Again is this a psychological reason to make us drink it all in one go?

I would like your views on this topic so please join in on Glass v Plastic and discuss openly on our social media platforms.

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