Local Spotlight: Cow & Apple

Aside from ensuring a consistent stream of quality South West cider varieties, here at Twisted Cider we are also heavily committed to upholding community values. The power and importance of community cannot be understated in the modern world, something we found out during the heart-warming local reaction to our devastating fire last year:


As such, we want to shine a spotlight on the establishments stocking our delightful product.

The first place to get the Twisted Cider local spotlight treatment was The Cross Keys in Sherborne, a beautifully quaint pub dating back two centuries. This time around, we’re highlighting Cow & Apple. As you might be able to guess from the name, these guys are specialists in burgers and cider. We hugely appreciate their support. Read on for some more information on Cow & Apple!

Cow & Apple: Burger and cider specialists:
Cow & Apple is more than just an inventive name, as the company is wholeheartedly committed to crafting the best burgers possible whilst offering a simply delicious range of ciders. Put simply, the aim of the game is to offer customers “burgers, cider and good times”. Cow & Apple certainly seem to be living up to the billing, with a stream of amazing
reviews coming in over the years as well as a rapidly spreading reputation via word-of-mouth.

Cow & Apple take their burgers seriously too, establishing a long-running connection with a local South West farm that take the utmost care for their Red Ruby cows. This results in burger patties that are perfectly thought out, which the restaurant then pairs with carefully sourced brioche buns and fresh ingredients prepared daily, along with an exciting array of sauces. Here are a few Cow & Apple’s burger varieties to whet your appetite:

 Sloppy Cow: Beef patty topped with chilli con carne, cheddar cheese, jalapenos, and nachos.
 Woodland Burger: Beef patty with portobello mushrooms, blue cheese, rocket salad and balsamic glaze.
 Farmer’s Wife: Beef patty with lettuce, tomato, spicy cheese, jalapenos, and spicy BBQ sauce.

Cow & Apple opened in Yeovil in 2016, promising to give the local community a well-thought-out restaurant space that excelled in creating quality burgers and stocking the crème-de-la-crème of local cider.

Cow & Apple Yeovil address: 8-10 Church Street, BA20 1HE.

If you happen to be anywhere near this area we cannot recommend a spot of food and cider at Cow & Apple enough!

Which Twisted Cider varieties are available at Cow & Apple?

That is an overview of Cow & Apple, one of the many establishments to stock our passionately produced South West cider. Now it is time to for the fun part – which Twisted Cider varieties are available at Cow & Apple? Read on to find out:

Twisted Cider Wild Orchard: Designed to fully embody the beautiful wild apples of the rolling South West, our Wild Orchard is packed with flavour from only the best apples.
Twisted Cider Misty: Our take on the classic Dorset scrumpies of old, Twisted Cider Misty is part of our farmhouse range. Pressed fresh and never from concentrate, this is a popular option at Cow & Apple.
Twisted Cider Desert Dry: One for dedicated cider enthusiasts, Desert Dry is a traditional cider with a complex palette rich with tannins and bittersweet flavour.

Twisted Cider Premium No.5: Our amazing sparkling cider based on the same foundation as Misty but with a lower abv and some bubbles to add freshness.

All available at Cow & Apple which is the perfect accompaniment to a yummy burger.

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