Local Spotlight: The Cross Keys, Sherborne


At Twisted Cider we are fortunate to have secured a number of lasting relationships with a
range of pubs, bars, farm shops and off licences, spreading the wonderful taste of our
authentic South West cider far and wide. Aside from creating a brilliant product, another
cornerstone to the Twisted Cider ethos is a focus on genuine community values. As a result,
we thought we’d start shining a light on all the places stocking Twisted Cider.

Up first, a beautifully quaint pub located just down the road in Sherborne called The Cross
Keys. Situated right in the middle of the historic Conduit marketplace, this inn has been
operational for more than two centuries! It is right around the corner from the 15 th Century
Sherborne Abbey, therefore being well placed to welcome travellers from far and wide over
the last several hundred years. Keep reading for a bit more information!

The Cross Keys: A friendly and historic Dorset pub
Pubs are some of the most culturally important buildings in the UK, often steeped in a
fascinatingly vibrant history. The Cross Keys is a great example of this, having stood in its
central Sherborne location on The Parade for over two hundred years. Whether you want a
nice relaxing pint from a selection of local breweries, or a tasty family meal, The Cross Keys
have got you covered.

It is clear that The Cross Keys team haven’t forgotten about the 18 th century roots of the
pub, however, as they have also blended the historical authenticity of the building with a
touch of elegant modernity. Regardless of where you are seated, the quality of the building
really shines through. Not to mention the delightfully friendly service, quality drinks options,
tantalizing food and historic location!

Which Twisted Cider varieties are available at The Cross Keys?
At Twisted Cider we are absolutely over the moon to have a place in The Cross Keys bar,
ensuring that our passionately created South West cider is available to the local community.
If you are lucky enough to find yourself at The Cross Keys make sure you check out these
two lovely Twisted Cider varieties:

Twisted Cider Premium No. 5: Premium No. 5 was created to blend the deep flavours
of traditional Dorset cider with the refreshing sparkling burst of lighter summer-
orientated ciders. A bespoke selection of local apples goes into each batch,
guaranteeing a perfect taste each and every time!

Twisted Cider Stormy Lemonade: Our Stormy Lemonade variety is undeniably one
for the summer, mixing up classic South West cider with a burst of iconic lemony
freshness. It’s a bit like a shandy but with cider, and it’s absolutely fantastic.

Pubs need us no more than ever….

Heading to pubs like The Cross Keys has always been massively enjoyable, but these days it
takes on an added significance. After so long without such a simple pleasure it’s crucial that
we all get down and support, for our wellbeing and that of the pub itself!

For places like The Cross Keys, in particular, this is essential. Starved of the ability to serve
customers in a normal, full capacity, way for over a year and a half, all of our help cannot be
more essential.

For more information, head to The Cross Keys website:

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