Looking for a Father’s Day gift?

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Father's Day top Cider pick.

Looking for a Father’s Day gift? Check out our range of Twisted Cider and
enjoy a 10% discount…


10% Off Online

Blending the ethos of traditional South West cider with a new-age, innovative
approach to crafting this perfect summertime beverage is what we do best at
Twisted Cider. Only the finest apples go into our drinks too. Never from
concentrate, always from the wild fields and orchards surrounding our Dorset

It’s Father’s Day very soon, and as a celebration you can get a whole 10% off any
of our Twisted Cider varieties up until the day itself. Is your dad a cider
enthusiast? Or do you think the wonderful world of cider might appeal to him? If
so take a browse through our wide-ranging cider shop, and keep reading to find
out more about the 10% discount…

Use the FD2021 discount code for 10% cider savings

Our Twisted Cider 10% Father’s Day discount could not be simpler to
understand. There are no hidden terms and conditions, all you have to do is
enter the FD2021 coupon code at checkout to get 10% off of your entire order!
Think of it as a present from us to you – we know how important Father’s Day
can be, and at the beginning of a glorious British summertime there is no better
present than some refreshing, tasty and passionately brewed Twisted Cider.

If you’re struggling for choice here are a few Twisted Cider favourites

We pride ourselves on creating a widespread of tantalizing cider flavours here at
Twisted Cider, mixing the worlds of traditional farmhouse ciders with more
modern sparkling varieties, as well as fusing new flavours together at every turn.
There is a lot of choice, so we thought we’d pick out a few of our top Twisted
Cider favourites for you to claim your 10% Father’s Day discount with:

Stormy Lemonade: Conjuring the sensation of an ice-cold lemonade in the
summer sun, Twisted Cider Stormy Lemonade is a result of our desire to
create the most refreshing cider known to man. The iconic tang of our
premium South West cider is here for all to see, however this sparkling
cider is also infused with a cool lemony burst – there is simply nothing
better for relaxing in the sun!

Premium No. 5: Another Twisted Cider variety that is perfectly at home in
the sunny weather is Premium No. 5. This lightly sparking cider is an
impeccable example of why South West cider apples are the best in the
world. 12 months of craftsmanship goes into making Premium No.5 – you
can taste the passion and quality in every single sip.

Desert Dry: A Father’s Day present for all of the true cider connoisseurs,
our Twisted Cider Desert Dry cider is a classic dry farmhouse cider
created with only the best handpicked and hand checked cider apples. If

you dad fancies himself as somewhat of a cider king, this is the one for

Is there a better Father’s Day present than Twisted Cider?

Quality South West cider is a great present for any time of the year, but things get
ever better when the summer sun is beating down. Luckily for all of the dad’s out
there Father’s Day is at the perfect time of the year weather-wise, which means
there is simply no better present than cider, right?
And when it comes to cider our collection of Twisted Cider beverages has
something for everyone. Take a look through our shop today and claim your 10%
discount – it would be silly not too!

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