Mid-Somerset Show on Sunday 15 th August

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Aside from creating so many wonderful varieties of authentic South West cider, at Twisted
Cider we also revel in supplying our local community with our product across a range of
festivals, events, fayres and shows. Words cannot describe how refreshing it is to be able to
do this after the Covid-19 pandemic – the events we have been to so far have been nothing
short of magical!

Up next on the Twisted Cider schedule is the Mid-Somerset Show this Sunday the 15 th of
August. After more than 100 years at the same site, the 2021 iteration of the Mid-Somerset
Show takes place just down the road, still in the town of Shepton Mallet. Organised by the
Mid-Somerset Agricultural Society, this is the largest free entry agricultural show in the UK.
In other words, it is quite the event! Keep reading for a lowdown.

The Mid-Somerset Show: One of the South West’s largest agricultural gatherings
Whilst the Mid-Somerset Show is the largest free entry agricultural show in the UK, it is also
one of the most respected agricultural gatherings in the whole of the South West. And there
should be no surprise there, because the Mid-Somerset Show has been running in some
shape or form since arguably the 1850s.

By the 1870s, for certain, the Mid-Somerset Show had become a very important agricultural
event, with the annual ploughing match quickly becoming a cattle show, and opportunity to
sell local produce. Nowadays the Mid-Somerset Show hosts over 2500 exhibitors, whilst also
bringing in 17,000 visitors from the surrounding area.

What can you do at the Mid-Somerset Show?
Before we give you a flavour of what you can expect from us at Twisted Cider during the
Mid-Somerset Show celebrations, we thought we would list a few activities that can keep
you busy. Owing to the size of the event, there are lots of different agricultural ground-inspired things to sink your teeth into.

Here just a few of many things to expect at the Mid-Somerset Show:
 Meet The Meerkats
 Punch and Judy
 Scurry Racing
 Bird of Prey Display
 Floral Art Show
 Vintage and Classic Vehicle Displays
 Showjumping

A few Twisted Cider flavours you cannot miss at the Mid-Somerset Show

As you can see, there is an absolute ton of stuff to do at the Mid-Somerset Show, however,
you mustn’t let this stop you from tasting the wonders of Twisted Cider. Here are a few
delightful Twisted Cider flavours available to try at the Mid-Somerset Show:

Twisted Cider Stormy Lemonade: Fusing the refreshing zing of classic lemonade with
the unmistakeable taste of authentic South West cider, our Stormy Lemonade
variety is perfect for those hot and sunny summer days.
Twisted Cider Premium No. 5: Part of our new sparkling range, Premium No. 5 is a
clear and refreshing cider for both seasoned veterans and casual cider drinkers. One
sip is all you need for an unparalleled refreshment experience.
Twisted Cider Misty: Seeing as the Mid-Somerset Show is an agricultural gathering,
perhaps you would like to try Twisted Cider Misty? This full-bodied amber cider is
made from fresh apples pressed each Autumn. No concentrate, no sweeteners – just
the real deal.

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