My Last Meal Out 

Catching a 25minute delayed train home with a front door eta 8pm I’ve started listening to my stomach and it’s want for food, whilst foolishly bringing up the memory of my last evening meal out. 

I visited Vida Comida in Sherborne on a Friday evening and sat down for 7:45pm in the lounge area giving a instant relaxed feeling to the occasion. This was helped further by the soft Spanish music being played live enriching the atmosphere. 

As always drinks were ordered 1st, which was our craft sparkling cider then after a long study of the menu several tapas dishes were chosen, mixture of meat, fish and vegetarian. 

When the food arrived it smelt delicious and looked fantastic, with it now being past 8pm I was more than eager to tuck in. So not holding back I did just that but only to kerb the initial hunger and then I slowed down, ordered another Sparkling Twisted Cider and shared conversation over the next hour whilst slowly grazing, enjoying ever mouthful.

If you’re local to Sherborne or just passing through I would certainly recommend a visit to Vida Comida and enjoy your food with our Craft Sparkling Cider.

Now I put aside all thought of food until 8pm and continue this train journey reading a good book.

Think Craft……. Get Twisted 

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