Sherborne Independent Market

Twisted Cider hits the Sherborne Independent Market on the 20th of June.
Aside from making sure Twisted Cider is always created with the utmost
passion, quality Dorset apples and adherence to natural processes, we are also
massively committed to grass roots, community-led practises. The local Sherborne
community has always been central to the success of our innovative cider brand,
however after events like the fire of last year this has become even truer.

The big cider brands rely on huge advertising campaigns and wholesale orders
from massive supermarket chains, but where is the fun in that? To us it is a
faceless way to promote a drink you are meant to be so passionate about, which
is why the Twisted Cider team is always on the look out for small independent
farmer’s markets or food festivals.

This Sunday 20th June you can find us at Sherbourne Independent Market, keep reading for more!

Sherborne Independent Market: A community favourite

The Sherborne Independent Market has become a real community favourite over
the years, with the monthly event (where permitted) giving a space for local
Dorset food and drink traders to show off their produce. There are plenty of
artisan food, drinks and crafts on show each month, as well an Eco Pop Up

All stallholders at the Sherborne Independent Market are local, which is a huge
reason behind its popularity with the local community. Without events like this,
fiercely independent Dorset brands such as our very own Twisted Cider would
find it a lot harder to integrate with the local community, so we are always
grateful to have a spot at this enriching event.

All aboard the Twisted Cider bar

If you have had the pleasure of seeing Twisted Cider at a market event or food
festival before you might well have experienced the wonders of our Twisted
Cider bar.

Built by hand, this fully functional bar-on-wheels comes with us to a variety of events across the South
West and further afield – you could think of it as our very own cider chariot.
The Twisted Cider bar allows us to bring the versatile flavour of our South West
cider varieties to happy customers. It also shows off the bar itself, something that
can be hired from us for all of your party, festival or private function needs.
Tasty Twisted Cider varieties to try out whilst you’re there
We pride ourselves on making an exciting range of premium South West cider,
which makes for quite a lot of choice. Here are a few tasty Twisted Cider
variations you might want to try at the Sherborne Independent Market:

 Twisted Cider Stormy Lemonade: This is a seriously exciting summertime
cider fusion that we are ecstatic to be able to offer our loyal customers.
Taking the refreshing lemony burst of classic lemonade and twisting it
with our classic South West cider, Stormy Lemonade is ludicrously
 Twisted Cider Premium No. 5: Another Twisted Cider variety that is
perfect for summer, Premium No. 5 is a lightly sparkling clear cider made
with only the best apples handpicked on our Dorset site. One sip in the
sun and you will be craving it again and again!

Sherborne Independent Market: Where? When? How?

The Sherborne Independent Market event is located a stones throw away from
the beautiful Sherborne Abbey, right in the centre of town. It runs from 10am all
the way through to 4pm, so there is plenty of opportunity to check it out
throughout the day.

There is no booking required so you can be as spontaneous as you like, Twisted
Cider hope to see you there!

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