Technology and it’s frustrations. 

Who hasn’t got annoyed with technology within the last 48hrs?

Technology is meant to make our life’s easier and most of the time it does, though far to often it gives you hiccups to make things difficult and with technology being so technical it is hard to understand and fix, unlike cider making!

Problems experienced today:

1) slow uploads from pc to Web based document management holder.

2) un-able to open documents on smart phone using Web based technology 

3) when opening the same document on tablet the tablet it refers to an older version.

4) when saving a new document on the tablet from a Web based document system the document does not show in the selected area.

Solution? Invest in better technology!! Or step outside take in the sweet smell of apples before the harvest comes to a close and get pressing, knowing that technology will still be there tomorrow. 

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