The Great British Summer & why put these words together?

When I look outside I see dark grey clouds filled like a water balloon ready to burst with a sudden pin

prick and for as long as I can remember this is the norm in Britain throughout our summers. This

leads me to question was there ever a ‘Great British Summer’? I would like to think so but that is

only because I’m at an age where I feel comfortable saying ‘I remember when’, but is there truth

behind that?

The answer is yes. From a quick search in Google I have seen 1 out of 5 Great British Summers in the

last 101 years: 2003, 1976, 1959, 1949 & 1915……..BONUS! So when will the next one be?

An article in the Express sated the following for 2016:

‘90 DAYS OF SUNSHINE: Britain set for hottest summer in 40 YEARS as the mercury rockets’ forecast-UK- long-range-

hottest-summer- sunshine

Though I think most of our feelings about the ‘Great British Summer’ fall in-line with a 2008 article

from the BBC:

‘With another wet weekend ahead, the familiar grumbles about British summers have surfaced. Are

we deluding ourselves that they should be any different’

So not knowing when the next ‘Great British Summer’ will be why put these words together?

Is it because leading supermarkets and the like are cashing in on the phrase and therefore constantly

forcing it in front of us?

I don’t think this is the case and I’m willing to walk the plank and say I believe it’s because we as a

nation are optimistic, opportunistic & realistic.

With the start of each Summer we hope for good weather and as a result buy cheap doxycycline online without prescription tickets to all types of

UK events, book UK holidays, take to the outdoors, swim in our seas, row in our rivers, walk our

beloved lands, host garden and street parties, marry our loved ones, fire up the BBQ, start a new

campaign to get fit and wear our summer clothes. And we do all this knowing that there is a high

chance rain will fall on the day but it doesn’t stop us and if the Sun Shines it is a blessing and if it

rains our spirit doesn’t dampen it adapts, we embrace it as deep-down we expected it and through

that we make the best of the situation and a new type of fulfilment is felt.

So to me that is why it is called the ‘Great British Summer’ not because of the weather but because

of you and me and the ability to make it ours no matter what the weather.

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