The Perfect Product

What makes the perfect product and how far should one go to achieve it?

There is a saying that you can only please 80% of the people 20% of the time or 20% of the people 80% of the time.

Now if we use this statement as our baseline what % would you like to please?

Let’s start with 80/20. To please such a high number you need to find a common ingredient with your product, so does this mean you have to make certain sacrifices?

Say if that 80% is your market share equalling 8million people. Do those 8million people all have the exact same likes and dislikes? Probably not but they would have at least one or two.

At the pick of a hat let’s say sugar is one those (as it is high on the agenda right now) Sugar can be added to pretty much any consumable product and with a few more popular ingredients you can create or disguise most tastes. With a good marketing campaign Boom you’ve reached your target.

(Think of a popular fast food restaurant and hopefully that will put an image to the 80/20.)

Now let’s do 20/80 or 2million people. You still need that common like but unlike the 80% you’re not afraid to show your true colours and present your product naturally. This means that you don’t overdose on popular ingredients and disguise the real taste.

From this you will build a loyal

customer who believes in your product as the taste if a reflection of their buds but it want be as popular.

So with this information to hand what percentage would you like to please and don’t be constrained by what is written above.

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