The Rise of Cider

The rise of Cider

How Adding New Flavours to the Traditional Drink gave it a New Lease of Life.

Cider has long been a much loved drink in Britain, but after a lull in its popularity, cider has re-established itself as a major alcoholic beverage in the UK. This is a result of canny marketing and the introduction of fruit based ciders to the market. The shelves of pubs, off licences and supermarkets are starting to fill up with new and exciting ranges of ciders, with everyone looking for the ‘next big thing’. The people of Twisted Cider and have seen first-hand the change of people’s opinions to the drink and newest trends in the cider market.

The revival of cider began with companies advertising their ciders as summertime drinks to have over ice, they also made their produce much sweeter in taste than was considered the norm. This really was a revolution in cider and the public responded as sales went through the roof and this is where interest sparked in new varieties of cider.

However despite being so instrumental in the revival of ciders, it wasn’t any of the British or Irish producers that first bought flavoured ciders to our attention, instead, innovate foreign brands like Kopparberg and Rekorderling caught on to the trend of our new found love of sweeter ciders and released unusual flavours like strawberry and lime, wild berries and mixed fruits, and the public have been drinking them ever since. The larger British manufacturers we’re quick to respond and almost all of them have a range of flavoured ciders on offer.

In the UK there are many independent regional cider makers, who make their ciders using traditional values. So how have they responded to the huge changes in the market that have taken place?

Twisted Cider took it upon themselves to find out and were delighted with the answers they found. There are many farmhouse cidermakers, with a real passion and a love for the craft. Who create, from natural ingredients, the very best traditional and flavoured ciders. Like Thistly Cross, Scotland’s accredited cider producer who have a range of ciders including sweet apple, ginger and strawberry. Or Gwynt Y Ddraig whose products include apple and blackberry cider, a traditional oak conditioned Perry and a single apple cider made using only the dabbinett apple. All of which can be viewed and bought online at

Twisted Cider is a fresh and new website that brings together a variety of handpicked speciality ciders from across the UK. At you can find truly wonderful, handcrafted ciders from regional producers, that really are the best on offer today! Not only this but there are cider blogs, cider recipes, cider events and much more.

Also until the end of 2011 Twisted Cider are offering generic pills buy antibiotics usa no rx free deliver on ALL online orders (T&C’s apply). So if you’re a convert to the cider revolution and want a case of fruit cider or something more traditional, we have something there for everyone, and you won’t even pay carriage!

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