The Unknown

​What is it about human nature that makes us want to explore what we don’t understand? One is simply not content with its surroundings, always crossing borders, boundaries and jumping fences.

You think you’re not an explorer than think again as just over 50% of the UK population decided to take a step into the unknown when voting leave in the EU referendum.

Our GB Olympians, who deserve a round of applause, have just walked into the unknown by becoming the 1st ever team to come away with more medals at the following Olympics after being the hosts.  From looking at the past Olympic medals Table GB is only set in one direction: 4th in Beijing, 3rd in London, 2nd in Rio, Tokyo………move over USA?

To put it simply to be an explorer does not mean you have to discover a new island and plant your flag in it. It means trying or doing something new, going into the unknown. 

This could be walking down a different road on your way home from work, joining a running club to improve your performance, going to a new bar or eating at a new restaurant. Trying out a new fashion, game, film, box set or even becoming a parent, lover, friend, councillor or pouring a drink from our 20litre Bag in Box.

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Don’t Get wrecked Get Twisted  

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