The youth adults of today.

Who are the youth adults of today and do those still in there 30’s consider themselves to be part of it? 

Life sure isnt the same pattern from 30 years ago where marriage and children in your early 20’s was the norm. 

Now we strive to make it in the world 1st, building our foundations before settling down and at the same time prolong our youth allowing the bucket list to get complete.

Rummaging around in my Dad’s attic I found an old CD holder containing a selection of music from my teens to my mid 20’s. The Blueprint, Hot Fuss, City High (my wife’s favourite) Human Conditions, The Lion King (family favourite) and Daily Mail Sunday Love Songs (not sure how that got there) were the first six to come out and go into the CD multi changer in the car, as we don’t have a CD player in the house. 

Playing each album made me realise music is the best forms of art which you can let yourself be submerged at a moment in time and that track will act as a time machine whenever it is played.

The feeling was glorious making me feel youthful and therefore ask the question above. 

Then it suddenly dawned on me that by having these CD’s surely meant I wasn’t youthful? Especially when the Lion King came on who my daughter of 3 started singing along…Hakuna Matata! 
Not only that but after getting through the 6 albums I was then at a loss. I didn’t want to listen to them again and felt cheated they didn’t offer more. In just over a decade my whole perception of music and the platform it is played on has changed. The bottomless digital libraries available have devalued my lost & found CD collection sucking the enjoyment out of listening to them.

I consider myself to be youthful but after a 10mile run my body is saying otherwise. So why argue with your body and society. Do a 5mile run instead and pass over the battern to those who are young and when the time is right sit back and enjoy those memories from your personal time machine collection.

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