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Twisted Cider Zenith Medium

Medium cider - Farmhouse Range - 6% ABV

Embrace our New exciting Farmhouse ciders that bring the natural taste of the apple!

Made from a lovely blend of South West cider apple varieties pressed fresh each autumn and never from concentrate, the time and care put into our cider is evident in its light bodied fruity taste that is easy to drink.

Incredibly refreshing and very moreish.

  • Abv: 6%
  • Style: Medium Farmhouse Cider
  • Smell: Fruity Apples
  • Taste: Cider Full Bodied
  • Colour: Amber
  • Add your Twisted Flavour Syrup to your order

12 months of craftsmanship to bring you an unrivalled taste!

Available in 5 x 500ml case, 10 x 500ml case, 5l Box, 10l Box.