Twisted Cider’s 2014 Cider Making Day

Cider Making 2014

Cider making is a beautiful job starting from the fruits of our trees creating this beautiful sweet aroma of apples that fills your senses with good thoughts and ending with a wonderful drink that again fills your senses with good thoughts. Our cider team this year stood up to the challenge and pressed 6 tonnes of apples in 6 hours and worked like a well-oiled machine. My thanks goes out to all of them that really made the day special and one filled with plenty of laughs. To make the Twisted Cider team you have to be made of steel as it is not an easy day so carefully selected friends from all over the UK and world that kindly give up their weekend to come and help out an Old Friend have this privilege.

In age order we had the likes of Rex Weller, Justin Box, Benjamin Weller, Lee Goddard, Clare Twamley, Ryan Dolan, Charlotte Wheeler, Christopher Hill, Michelle Hill, Luke Campbell, Emma Campbell and Amanda Eakin. Ryan Dolan has been helping Twisted Cider since we did our very first press four years ago and he certainly has earned his place and shows it with his natural supervisor approach to the day. Other veterans are Rex the cheese making king, Lee the pulp shoveler, Luke the lazy kid, Emma & Charlotte apple ladies. Our new additions saw Mr Christopher Hill own the cheese making process after being harshly taught by Rex Weller and his wife Michelle Hill battle with little red our dedicated tractor used to pick the apples up. Michelle also got warmly welcomed by the apple ladies who put her hard to work in the water pit. Justin was our chief cameraman taking wonderful photo’s that can be seen on our Facebook page and a video will follow shortly, he also moved a few wheelbarrows. Our youngest and new international recruit was Amanda from Houston, Texas. This was Amanda’s first weekend in the UK and what better way to spend it than pressing 6 tonnes of cider apples. It might also be worth pointing out that our other international recruit Luke the lazy kid Campbell is from the sunny town of Brisbane, Australia and Mr and Mrs Campbell had their last press as they will be heading home in December. Your Skills will be missed.

If you think you have what it takes to be part of the Twisted Cider team then one day you might be selected to come and help us as we will be watching.

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