Warm yourself up with Mulled Cider

Mulled Cider

Whilst training for the marathon on our morning jog I felt a difference in temperature which was confirmed by the numbness in my hands wishing I had bought some gloves. Now this got us thinking is winter finally here? Are we going to get a white Christmas after all?

Well we’re not sure about the white Christmas but winter does seem to be on its way and already I have noticed people bringing out the woolly, scarfs and winter coats.

So if this is the case then let me open your eyes to a little drink which will warm your belly through and add a little jig in your step… MULLED CIDER!

This classic winter beverage is one to rival any other and one you won’t want to run out of. As another Christmas gift to our cider fans find our recommended recipe on the ‘All About Cider’ page, where you will find other great recipes too.

So warm up your winter evenings and start the Christmas party early!

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