Wassailing 2020

On the 11th January our annual Wassailing event in our orchard @twistedcider took place and this year spectators where welcomed by the Wessex Morris Men www.wessexmorris men.co.uk @WessexMorrisMen for a display of traditional dances and getting the crowd excited. After plenty of #flexing it was time to go #wassailing lead by our #masterofceremonies John, with his deep knowledge on the tradition and #voiceofanangel the crowd were well rehearsed and ready to form the 😈 Ring and start the process. Two songs later with chanting and formal duties completed by the Wassailing Queen the almighty #roar that was mustard from the crowd was enough to scare the Evil Spirits away for a grand #2020 harvest.

Will we be back in 2021???? Let’s wait 10months and see what crop arrives!

Personal Thanks to:

John Waltham: Master of Ceremonies

Wessex Morris Men

Sam Weller: Bar Manager

Darrel: Bar Staff

Mr & Mrs P: use of land.

Spectators: making it special.

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