What pint of Cider are you?

The traditional pint? Someone who drinks cider in its purest form and I’m not talking about a pint that can be bought over a bar labeled ‘Dry Apple Cider’. I’m talking about a pint that is only served from an oak barrel on a cider farm and has been maturing for at least 12 months. The pint is still and can be sweetened to taste. The true experience in tasting a pint of cider.

Do you fancy a bit of fizz? Pull a pint from a pump and you’ve got CO2 in the mix, there to create the wow factor. The fizz is the most popular pint and can be bought almost anywhere.

A hint of flavour? The newest creation on the highstreet is to add some foreign flavour. This is changing the whole conception of a pint of cider questioning it’s authenticity, though like the fizz it has become a big hit.

There are plenty of ciders to choose from in todays growing market giving the expanding option to try new brands and encouraging innovation for identification.

I would encourage consumers to go a step further and instead of visiting your local store visit your local cider farm so you can taste the real experience.

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