Winzum Competition

Is there anything better than sipping a cold sumptuous cider on a hot, sunny, carefree day? Let’s be honest here; there are few things that can be so effortlessly relaxing, and this is all the more true when the cider happens to be free too…

But, hang on a minute. How are you meant to get your hands on some free cider these days? Unless you’re a particularly successful apple farmer, or an exceptionally laidback pub landlord, you’ll almost always find yourself having to pay.

Well, this is where we come in, because at Winzum we love nothing more than offering a wide range of online competition prizes for you lovely lot to sink your teeth into. We don’t even say the L-word around here either, and due to our passion for creating a genuine competition community we have also made sure that the way our competition’s work is completely unique, fun and safe.

How to enter

One of the main things we care about at Winzum is making sure that you lot don’t have to jump through a million different hoops in order to simply enter one of our online competitions, especially when its free! It is therefore outrageously easy to enter a Winzum competition, all you have to do is head over to our Winzum Facebook page and comment with “YES”

A bit about the legends Twisted Cider

Sure, there are loads of British cider producers out there in the 21st century, but we are willing to bet that there aren’t many that put quite as much passion into their product as Twisted Cider. The cider mill gets their name from the fact that they “twist” several different varieties of apple (up to 16, in fact) into their beverages, creating a genuinely unique and interesting flavour.

A Taste of Dorset 2018 Finalist, the Twisted Cider company has been going from strength to strength in recent years, with their catalogue of bespoke premium ciders turning heads in pub gardens across the UK.

Although everybody is bound to have their favourite, having a mixed case of Twisted Cider is the perfect way to experience the many different flavours that are on offer. Alongside classics such as the Premium No. 5 and Wild Orchard are other flavours like Bubblegum Burst and Dark Spice… Something for every kind of cider fanatic! Why not let us know what your favourite is?

Some important Winzum info

So, that’s the main stuff out of the way, and by now you’ll have all the information you’ll need to enter our 12x Twisted Cider Mixed Case giveaway. The only thing left is to just outline some of the stuff we think is most important about the Winzum project.

First and foremost, we’re all about fun, and our online competition platform reflects this. No spam on the menu here, and your personal details will never be up for sale. It’s just honest, feel-good online competition fun!

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